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DC Piano Movers

The procedure for moving a piano by DC Movers, Inc.:

The movers will use a piano board which contains slots designed to hold the piano in place, This piano board will attach to the piano and placed on the truck after it has been properly covered with the necessary blankets.

After it is secured to this board, three movers will load the piano onto the truck in a secure manner.

Once it is on the truck, the piano is placed closely to the corner at the end of the truck, and once again, everything including the piano and board would be securely strapped and attached to the truck.

This is the professional and appropriate way in which to pack, load and deliver a piano. The cost for such a procedure would result in additional cost, the price is different for moving an upright piano or moving a baby grand piano, there will be an additional charge for moving a spinet piano as well, please ask your moving consultant.

Once again we thank you for choosing D.C. Movers, Inc.

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