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  1. Estimate

  2. Documents

  3. Delivery

Planning and The Estimate

The most important part of your interstate move is organizing and planning the move. Therefore, DC Movers, Inc has emphasized the value of organizing our clients services accordingly.

From demonstrating the best procedures for your  out of state relocation services, to using only the most durable packing supplies and materials on the market, Our moving company guarantees that services will be to your expectations. It is our responsibility to anticipate every possibility and to be prepared to provide you with the very best relocation services in the industry.

Our professional sales associates will guide you through the moving process with ease and will initiate the services according to your specific moving requirements. They will inform you of the necessities and personnel related to your relocation services.

Purpose of an Estimate

The purpose of an estimate is to furnish you with an approximate cost for relocation services. Our sales associates are eager to discuss the details of your move, including but not limited to the cost for services and packing materials, insurance valuations, relocation dates for pick-up and delivery that best fits your schedule, and further specific details that you may require. Please be advised that our busiest times are at the end of each month and the period from May through September, therefore, please notify your sales representative of your moving schedule as earliest as possible.

Cost for Interstate Moves

The cost for out of state relocation services will be calculated by the amount of cubic feet that is to be transported and by applying the appropriate tariff rate for the total number of miles determined from the origin address to the destination address. Additional materials and/or special requirements in addition to packing/unpacking, and transporting your household goods, will be itemized and charged accordingly. Special services requested made at the time of estimate will be included in the estimate. Thereafter, our sales representatives will furnish an Estimate/Order for Service detailing the charges for relocation services.

However, please be advised that any and all additional services that were not requested at the time of estimate will be added to the total cost for relocation services.

Possible additional charges that may be added to the estimate accordingly are as follows:

  • Elevators and/or Stair costs will be charged if the client did not notify of such at the time of estimate.
  • Long carry costs will be charged if the moving truck is unable to park within a reasonable amount of distance of the loading/unloading destinations.
  • Extra stops during transportation services may occur additional charges.
  • Piano-handling costs will be charged if the client did not notify of such at the time of estimate, see moving a piano guide
  • Storage handling costs. (See Storage in DC page), first month is free on every interstate move.
  • Packing materials per item ordered.

The Documents

At the time of loading the driver will present a Bill of Lading to you, which details the transportation services and charges. The Bill of Lading authorizes the carrier to transport your household goods and belongings, therefore your signature is required. The driver will also provide you with a copy of a completed Household Goods Descriptive Inventory list of items that are included in the shipment with a brief note of the condition of the items at the time of loading. The Household Goods Descriptive Inventory also requires your signature. In the event that additional services were incurred during the loading process, an Addendum to Shipping Documents will be completed and a copy will be provided for your records upon signing for approval.

The Delivery

Please be advised that full payment is due upon delivery prior to unloading your household goods and belongings. Payment is accepted in the form of cash or postal money order only. Personal checks will not be accepted at the time of delivery.


During the unloading process, always have a person accompany the movers to compare the inventory list with the items that are being delivered, to keep you informed of the condition of the items at the time of unloading.

Please be advised that the movers are required to arrange the furniture to your discretion only one time, therefore, prior to the movers arriving, decide where you would like for the furniture to be arranged at the destination address. Furthermore, unpacking services are defined as to unpack wrapped items from cartons etc. and place them on a table or counter top. Unpacking the items does not constitute putting items into cabinets, closets etc. Nevertheless, our  movers will remove the used packing materials and containers as necessary.


The safety of your household goods and belongings during transportation is of the utmost importance, however, at times damages/losses may occur. In the event that damages/losses occur, contact DC Movers, Inc Claims Department to obtain a Claim Form within 60 days of the delivery date. The Claims Department will require a written statement from you requesting a Claim Form which is to include your current mailing address, Job/Reference number (furnished at the time of estimate), and a copy of the Bill of Lading. Upon receipt of the request, a Claim Form will be mailed promptly. Please be advised that insurance providers require the original Claim Form to be submitted for evaluation, therefore, the Claims Department cannot fax the Claim Form to you. Nevertheless, at the time that damages/losses are observed, begin to compile important information on the item (s) such as:

Pictures of damages sustained.

Value of the item (s) at the time of purchase.

Weight of the item (s) damaged/lost.

DC Movers, Inc.
Claims department.
4938 Hampden Lane Suite # 434
Bethesda, Maryland 20814

Deducting Moving Expenses

All taxpayers that meet the following conditions qualify to deduct moving expenses, regardless of whether or not an itemized return will be completed:

  • You are moving to a new principle residence to work as an employee or as a self-employed individual at a new principle place of work and your new job is at least 50 miles farther from your former residence than your old job location.
  • You must remain a full-time employee in a general vicinity of the new job location for 39 weeks within the first 12 months following the move.
  • If you are self employed, you must remain in the new location as a self-employed of as an employee for 78 weeks during the first 24 months following the move, and 39 weeks must be in the first 12 months following the move.
  • At the time you are determining your federal adjusted gross income, you can deduct the following expenses:
  • Transportation costs from old to new residence.
  • Packing, crating and unpacking charges.
  • Storage-in-Transit charges and valuation for 30 consecutive days.
  • Cost of moving your automobile and household pets.

Be sure to dispose of flammable products such as, fireworks, cleaning fluids, matchbooks, aerosol cans, etc. prior to the move packing/loading your household goods and belongings; discard partly used containers of oil, paint, bleach or any other substances that may leak during transportation. Further, be sure to drain the fuel from your lawn mower, and any other machinery that you may be transporting. Another helpful hint is to drain the water from your steam iron.

Most common destinations

Moving from DC to FL, Moving from DC to TX, Moving from DC to CA, Moving from DC to NV, Moving from DC to NY, we can help you with most US destinations, except for PR, AK, and HI.

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  • Free online or in house moving estimate.
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  • No additional fees for weekends and holidays.
  • Disassembly and reassembly of larger furniture.
  • Secured and monitored storage facility.
  • Climate controlled environment.
  • Storage protected with fire alarm, smoke detectors and sprinkler system.
  • Personal Certified Moving Consultant.
  • Free inventory list.
  • Free blanket protection.